Caring Eating Disorder Treatment for Teens in San Diego

It is so challenging to find an eating disorder therapist in San Diego who you can trust with your teen. You are so worried. Your teen hasn't been eating. She keeps saying negative things about her body.  She has dropped a lot of weight in a short amount of time. She may also be bingeing. Food is going missing. You find wrappers piling up in her trash.  You suspect that she could be throwing up secretly. You stay up at night going over and over what you should and shouldn't say -- and where you can go for help. Taking her to the pediatrician wasn't helpful. You feel dismissed and misunderstood by the medical community in San Diego. You don't know where to turn.

Your teen deserves to work with a therapist she can trust--a person with whom she or he will feel safe. I can help. I am a compassionate, supportive psychotherapist who loves working with teens!  In therapy, your teen will learn to identify the confusing emotions that are coursing within her. She will learn how to manage her emotions and self-soothe, two skills that are especially helpful for teens suffering from eating disorder symptoms and anxiety.  

You may be dealing with challenging family conflicts centered around your teen restricting or bingeing. Family therapy is a part of my eating disorder treatment of teens in San Diego. We will focus on improving communication and changing unhelpful family interactions that could be a barrier to your teen's recovery. Throughout treatment, you will be able to communicate consistently with me regarding your teen's progress. It also can be helpful for the teen to join therapist-led support groups in San Diego, as it combats the isolation that is prevalent in teens who struggle with similar issues.

In order to provide the best eating disorder treatment for your teen in San Diego, I collaborate with pediatricians, dietitians, psychiatrists, and even coaches when necessary. You will feel comforted in knowing that I strive to understand and address the context of the teen's world, both inside and outside of her or his school setting.  

Above all, I know that you love your teen, and that you would not trust him or her with just any eating disorder psychotherapist.  I am a very intuitive, sensitive, experienced clinician with a great sense of humor, with a surprising knowledge of teen popular culture, and a shrewd understanding of what makes teens tick.  I will provide a caring, compassionate, supportive environment that will help your San Diego or Carlsbad teen recover from what ails her or him.

If you are struggling to find eating disorder treatment in San Diego, click the orange button to schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation using the online scheduler today! I will help your teens get where they need to be.