Compassionate Eating Disorder Treatment for Adults in San Diego

Living with eating and body image concerns in sun-drenched San Diego is a heavy burden to carry.  You may feel as though other areas of your life are going okay, but when it comes to food and body image issues, you feel completely anxious.  You have searched for help in a million places, and you don't know where to turn.  You feel depressed and hopeless.  You need a caring psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders to help you recover.  I can help you get to where you need to be! Use the online scheduler to reserve your free, 15-minute phone consultation with me today.  My practice is LGBTQ+ affirming.

As an eating disorder therapist in San Diego, I work from cognitive behavioral therapy, a proven eating disorder treatment. I also teach dialectical behavior therapy techniques so you can better learn to handle your urges.  I additionally use the Bowen Family Therapy model to address family history and context.  

For those of you with past trauma, I use cognitive processing therapy to work through your pain and recognize possible connections to eating disorder behaviors.

If you feel comfortable, I can employ meditative techniques, such as prayer and mindfulness meditation, to help you manage your emotions, which will assist your recovery from eating disorders.

If you are suffering from eating disorders in San Diego, please contact me.  I know that life may feel dark and hopeless, but HEALING IS POSSIBLE.     

If you are struggling to find eating disorder treatment in San Diego, click the orange button to schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation using the online scheduler today! I will help you in your recovery journey.