Eating Disorder Treatment for Binge Eating in San Diego

It can be so hard to find a psychotherapist who understands your binge eating issues. It is especially challenging in San Diego, when all you want to do is throw your bathing suit on and run to the beach, but you feel too ashamed about your body to do so. It can feel as though your bingeing has taken over your life.  You feel out of control, and you don't know where to turn.

You typically binge in secret, and you may even feel so overwhelmed with what you've just done that you get rid of it afterward. You go to the doctor, and they may put you on a restrictive diet or tell you that it's just anxiety.  All you want to do is make it stop and reclaim your mind and your life.

I am the compassionate psychotherapist in San Diego who can help you recover from binge eating.  By using evidence-based techniques to help you manage your urges and deal with your challenging emotions, I can assist you in this journey to heal so that you can get to the beach, smell the salty air, hear the soothing sounds of the surf, and be at peace with yourself.

If you are having a hard time finding binge eating treatment in San Diego, click the orange button to schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation using the online scheduler today! I will help you in your path to freedom from binge eating and emotional eating.