Interview with North County San Diego Eating Disorder Therapist Crystal St. John

Hello all! I hope you had a Happy Fourth of July with loved ones. I wanted to introduce you to Crystal St. John, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who works with eating disorders in the Carlsbad area of San Diego County, as well as in Temecula. Crystal formally worked with Center for Discovery eating disorder intensive outpatient in North County San Diego. She is a really nice person and has a unique approach to treatment that I think you’ll find interesting.

Why did you choose to become an eating disorder specialist in San Diego?

I've always been passionate about supporting people, specifically women in honoring their bodies and healing and developing a healthy relationship with nourishment.

What kind of treatment do you provide?

I am a certified level II Restoration Therapist, and I also practice client-centered and realist therapy. I am passionate about treatment of healing trauma and advocating that true healing, change and empowerment out of pain is possible. I am trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), narrative therapy, and EMDR. My top priority is to work in collaboration with my client’s needs and experience and I adjust my approach accordingly. My style is holistic, and I value one’s own individual story(s) and experience(s).

Do you only work with eating disorders?

No :). I work in private practice as well and focus on women's issues both with body image, anxiety, emotional issues and want to further develop my practice and focus on perinatal and postpartum issues. I also value working with teens and family dynamics, as well as couples therapy.

How long have you been working with eating disorders overall, and how long have you been in San Diego?

I've worked specifically with eating disorders for just about four years and in San Diego for eight years.

Who are your favorite types of clients to work with?

I truly love working with women around the age range of 15-35 with various issues, typically with identity and sense of self, transitions in life and how to stay connected with one's values and sense of self while managing the anxiety and stress that might come with this. I really value working with people who are open and willing to open themselves up to seek support as I hope to create a holistic and healing space to support each person I see.

What happens during a first appointment with you?

I make it clear that I understand the vulnerability and risk it may be to step into a stranger's office and open up about some of the most challenging and vulnerable aspects of one's life. I honor and acknowledge that. I also open the space (more specifically in my private practice) that I understand not everyone fits well with one another, and I want first and foremost for whoever I meet with to feel

What do you wish people knew about getting treatment for eating disorders?

That it is brave, courageous and takes strength to get support and the most effective way to treat the issues that come with an eating disorder is with support and not alone. To make meaningful change means that area vulnerability and willingness will need to be a part of the process. Also, that recovery is not a clear and straight path and that it takes time and that's OK. I get a lot of loved ones and family members who struggle with the time and process yet I feel if they can have a sense of assurance knowing that it's not a clear cut path and that when their loved one struggles it doesn't necessarily mean all recovery and healing is lost, but that it's a part of the process.

How can people learn more and contact you?

By email and/or my website:



Share one fun fact about you that most people don’t know.

I love to sing! When I was graduating from college in Boulder, Colorado, I interned at the local country radio station and almost moved to Nashville to attempt a music career as a country star! :). Now I just sing for local events and at church.


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