Introducing San Diego Eating Disorder Dietitian Christina Gaunce, RDN, CEDRD

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you to an eating disorder dietitian in San Diego who is new to Scripps Ranch—in fact, she now shares my office suite! Christina Gaunce is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and a wonderful individual who loves helping people recover from eating disorders. She embraces the intuitive eating approach and the Health at Every Size (HAES) perspective. Christina also offers video sessions. In this interview, she shares about her own recovery from an eating disorder. All in all, Christina is a caring, compassionate individual who is very skilled in nutritional healing in many areas. I’m excited for you to get to know her!

Why did you choose to become an eating disorder specialist in San Diego?
Returning to my hometown, San Diego, and opening a specialized practice has always felt in the cards for me. Being an Eating Disorder Specialist is a career that is meaningful and personal to me. I chose this career path as a means to pay it forward. When I was a teenager, an Eating Disorder Specialist helped jump start my own Eating Disorder (ED) recovery. If it wasn't for her, my struggle with food, weight, exercise, and obsessive thoughts would have persisted. Her education, support, and guidance directly improved my quality of life. As a young adult trying to decide a subject major in college and a subsequent career path, her influence stood out. I decided to pursue and become a nutritionist specializing in Eating Disorders.

What kind of treatment do you provide?
I provide specialized nutrition counseling, nutrition education, and recovery education. A common phrase I say about ED Recovery is, "It's about the food, and it's not about the food." My role in treatment is to address the parts that are truly about the food. I help people separate food from everything else (feelings, people, places, experiences, shoulds, shouldn'ts, can’ts, don’ts) so that it can just be what it is again—a food. Short term, I provide guidance and structure to support initial stability and relief. Long term, I encourage techniques to restore healthy dynamics with food, increase self trust with food/ eating, decrease anxiety and fear, and increase reliance on the body's communication and signals.

Do you work with only eating disorders?
I also have knowledge and expertise in the following areas:
Nutrition for Addiction Recovery
Nutrition for Improved Mental & Emotional Health
Health Concerns & Disease Prevention (Pre-Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, IBS, etc)
Weight Concerns
General Nutrition
Adolescent Nutrition
Plant Based Lifestyle (Vegetarian and Vegan Diets)
Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition
Lactation/Breastfeeding Education
Family Eating & Feeding Dynamics

How long have you been working with eating disorders overall, and how long have you been in San Diego?
I have been working as a Registered Dietitian in Eating Disorder treatment for six years.
I received my Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian credential four years ago.
I moved back to San Diego in the Fall of 2017.

Who are your favorite types of clients to work with?
My favorite type of clients to work with are those who are willing to take the time to be curious: "Why do I engage in this behavior?" "What happens if I try this?" "What am I thinking about before I engage in this behavior?" Having an ED is a miserable experience most of the time; however, the ED initially developed as a way to help. Willing to be curious will help us get to the root of many struggles and implement an effective treatment strategy.

What happens during a first appointment with you?
The first appointment is part of an assessment. I ask a variety of questions to get to know you and gather information so that I can make personalized recommendations at the next appointment.

What do you wish people knew about getting treatment for eating disorders?
As treatment professionals, we know how intimidating it can be to seek support and share about behaviors you may not feel proud of. There is truly no judgement from our end, just a strong desire to understand and support healing.

How can people learn more about and contact you?
By visiting my website or contacting me by email or phone...
Phone (call and text): (760) 889-0694

Share one fun fact about you that not a lot of people know.
I love eucalyptus trees. They may be an invasive species in Southern California, but they remind me of home. I love the varied colors and textures of bark and of course, the way they smell. I find it incredible relaxing to watch them sway in a breeze. It's a real treat to be opening my practice in an office in Scripps Ranch nestled next to a eucalyptus grove.


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